THE LINEY MOON ~ Our Lodging

We are so excited to partner with The Liney Moon for our accommodations.  The modern guest house has an incredibly comfortable amount of space, modern furnishings, hill county feel, and several private cabins on site.  They are our friends! And they love the Hill Country as much as we do!

“Just beneath the stars” in Dripping Springs, TX is a fun and unique place to stay.  Featuring the modern “Stellar House” and ten quirky cottages… The vision for The Liney Moon came to owners Caroline and Stephen seven years ago while looking for an exciting lodging experience for their own wedding guests. Unable to find that perfect spot an idea was born.

The Liney Moon has far exceeded their wildest dreams.


www.catherineabegg.com // seattle event photographer // copyright catherine abegg

RYAN ROSS ~ Our Chef

Ryan Ross moved to the Pacific Northwest three years ago from Brooklyn, NY. Ryan has been in the realm of bespoke dining and food–centric events for the last 10 years. She grew up in her Mother’s organic health food store, The Natural Marketplace, open for 28 years in Warrenton, VA., attended the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC as well as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Ryan is also a certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Health supportive, festive, organic, and local food is her world! Ryan currently resides in Bow, WA. with her husband. She is a recipe writer, product developer and has consulted for plant-based restaurants in Washington state, New York City, on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, Munich, Germany and Paris, France. She is a private Chef in the Seattle area and you might just find her throwing a dinner party for 40 guests in the farmlands of Skagit Valley with her roaming dinner club Supper Corps!  Watch Chef Ryan Ross win an episode of CHOPPED on the Food Network!  This special episode was about healthy eating and called “Light makes Right.”

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KAYLA BARKER ~ Encaustic, Film and Details Instructor

Kayla Barker is an award winning film photographer specializing in destination weddings and organic portraits. Over the past eight years, she has photographed couples in love in California, New York, Paris, the Caribbean and everywhere in between. Her work can be seen frequently in The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Brides, PDN and more. She is also an encaustic wax artist and she creates works of art by taking her film photographs and encapsulating them with a mixture of hot beeswax, tree sap and enhancing them with oil paint. Kayla uses this process known as encaustic to fuse together her realistic view of the world and parts of her imagination. See Kaylas work at www.kaylabarker.com and www.kaylabarkerfineart.com

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owner and founder of Hill Country Bride Planning and Event Design

Emily has had a passion for the magical environment of weddings her entire career. She has worked in wedding photography, venue and catering sales, coordination, planning and styling over three states; Kentucky, Colorado and now Texas. Her experience has given her a well-rounded perspective for planning weddings and a love for the entire process. Emily is inspired by the challenge of turning a bride’s vision into a unique reflection of the couple, and how it always reflects a little bit of her. She loves that the design world is ever changing, but always uses the same elements (color, texture, space, line, etc…) and is fascinated by how a style can inflict a feeling, tell a story, and create an environment. Emily believes that you can always learn something from every event, and sees every wedding design she does as a new adventure with an exciting and ever changing conclusion. 


Emily And Sunni of Gypsy Floral

Sunni Graham

In-House Sunshine Provider, Voted “Most Likely To Drop A ‘Yay’ Bomb”

Sunni Graham is a West Texas girl who always imagined herself in the arts. After moving to Austin in 1997, she discovered a passion for gardening, so she hung up her dance shoes and began to find inspiration in the local flora of central Texas. Before graduating from The University of Texas, she enrolled in a botany class where she fell in love with the victorian botanical texts and illuminated imagery of flowers found in the painting of Dutch masters.

In an effort to combine her love of nature with event planning, Sunni set out to assist her friends in planning their weddings. A steady stream of referrals led her to establish Puerta Bella Events in 2002. She then took on roles as a facility coordinator while continuing to produce weddings as an independent coordinator and florist.

Emily Reid

Resident DJ And Travel Maven, Voted “Most Likely To Suggest Champagne”

Emily Reid is a native Texan born with a true Gypsy spirit. Her love of music, travel, art, cuisine, language and flowers is nurtured in Austin, Texas, a city with creativity running through its streets. Her nomadic ways have taken her through sunflower fields in northern Spain, lavender farms in France and endless rows of tulips in Holland, ingraining in her a deep appreciation for nature. While pursuing her MA in Art History at Leiden University, Emily developed an affinity for Dutch still life painting which continues to influence her work as a florist. Assisting in weddings around the world including Bordeaux France, Rabat, Morocco, Reykjavik, Iceland and Riga, Latvia, she brings a colorful, storied background to Gypsy Floral, and encourages clients to bring out their culture and passions to make unique events.

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BRYON & ASHLIE SLF FILMS ~ Our Videographers

As storytellers, we have drawn our connection to our people through the organic style in which we capture life and love. Honesty is the driving force behind the artistry that encompasses a moving vision of humanity. It is in rich imagery, a compelling composition and a human voice that we feel a truth capable of conveying our most intricate of emotions. And It is over coffee and through creative adventures that we obtain the knowledge necessary to tell an honest story, uniquely for every couple. The connections made with our people and their stories are rare, beautiful and timeless in value, such as the imagery we create with them.

From Rene

“Bryon and I have been working together as partners in the Creative Commercial Branding and Wedding Industries for going on five years now. I consider myself incredibly lucky and deeply connected to the work that we do and those we do it for. These are our friends. Our people. Good humans, true stories, passionate Creatives and Athletes.  They have inspired us not only in our work but more deeply in embracing time and the irreplaceable moments of it. On a geeky note, I am SO enthusiastic on our ability to keep moments of time the way that we humans do, using technology. It is a wonderful amazing thing! Our children and our children’s children- generations and generations into the future, have the ability to really know who we all were. How we lived and how we loved. That, there, is the greatest, most priceless, timeless part of all this. We are lucky creatures. A fortunate generation of humans.”

From Bryon

“AshlieRene and I are incredibly lucky to have found ourselves working in an industry where we not only love the work that we do but the people we work with. I personally enjoy the ability to offer our creative services to the community we live in. Our friends and neighbors, working towards what drives them, and us capturing and sharing their passion. I love storytelling. Everyone and everything has something worth sharing and I like the challenge of figuring out how that story is meant to be told. Capturing a wedding or a branding film goes so far beyond simply documenting and I don’t think enough people understand that. Each couple, each business, they all have different moods, themes, and plots. The subject matter can be almost identical but the identity and voice wildly different. It is important to be able to recognize those differences and apply them into something real. Something human.”

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PAIGE SMITH ~ Our Florist


PAPER & POSIES ~ Our Calligrapher